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X52 is a supertruck that packs a series of powerful attacks behind a slick exterior. This supertruck works well in battles when it has everybody behind it, and requires an aggressive strategy where you get in with everybody and do your thing. ICE is X52's counterpart.

Pulse Ram[]

The Pulse Ram is the only front facing weapon that is equipped onto X52. It works as a ram which sends enemies flying forward at about twice the speed they should be going, right off the track, if they are not disabled by the hit already, because it can do that too. Be careful, you could lose your car under that couch! You could also push them to victory. Great on tracks with corners.


The Shredder is a simple semiautomatic rear facing medium range weapon.


This area of effect semiautomatic area of effect weapon. It has the potential to hack any supercar caught in its blast radius.


This is a mine weapon, and is the easiest weapon to troll people with. When level 2, it can disable most people in 2 hits or less. Simply OP in level three.

Rig Rage[]

This is a Rig Rage item. It is forward facing. It disables any car in front of X52.