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Weapons are the various defense mechanisms that are used by all supercars and supertrucks to disable other vehicles. They are attached to the various supercars to give them an edge against other competitors. Each supercar is capable of equipping multiple weapons with the proper upgrades, but otherwise can only use one weapon at a time. Weapons fall into distinct classes, described below, and not all classes are available to all supercars.

Trigger Types

About Triggers

The trigger is actuated by the fire button, and its activation depends on the current energy status of the power-core. A single power-core cycle occurs when the power-core drains from full power to empty, and refills again. This cycle time can be improved by adding recharge upgrades, and more shots per cycle can be obtained with energy capacity upgrades.


Weapons with an automatic trigger are fired by simply pressing and holding the fire button. These weapons continue to fire as long as the supercar's power-core has energy. Level 2 and 3 weapons cooldown slower than a Level 1 weapon. These weapons can be fired longer with energy capacity upgrades to the supercar.


Weapons with a semi-automatic trigger require a press of the fire button for each shot. Semi-auto weapons require a set amount of energy to fire each shot, and a power-core without sufficient stores will result in a fail to fire. Level 2 and 3 semi-auto weapons have a long cooldown than their level 1 counterparts. These weapons can get more shots per power-cycle with energy capacity upgrades, and be ready to fire sooner with energy recharge upgrades.

Core Charged

Core charged weapons are those that siphon energy from the power core and store it when the fire button is pressed, and discharge it when the button is released. These weapons therefore have variable power, and it is important to balance single shot power against power to the vehicle's shields. These weapons can achieve increased damage with energy capacity upgrades, and be ready to fire again more quickly with energy recharge upgrades.

Remote Detonator

Remotely detonated weapons are deployable weapons. These are dropped onto the track when the fire button is pressed, and detonate when it is released. By design, remote detonation requires that only one explosive device can be active a time for a single supercar. It is therefore important to time shots appropriately, lest opponents be granted an undesirable window of opportunity to disable the shooter. It is important to release the weapon when the supercar is in the middle of it. Place it somewhere that you can remember, so that it is easy to disable.

Weapon Classes

Area of Effect

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 10.40

Big Bang's Super Stomp

Area of effect (AOE) weapons affect a spherical area around the vehicle firing the weapon. It is important to note that because the blast radius is a sphere, as opposed to a flat circle, vehicles above and below the user can be hit and disabled as well. AOE weapons are sustained fire weapons, in that the trigger can be held down and the weapon fired for as long as it has sufficient energy.

AOE Weapons

Vehicles with AOE Weapons


Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 8.35

MXT's Spike Strips

Deployed weapons are dropped onto the track and use either remote or timed detonation. These weapons can be left behind a supercar to damage and/or disable unsuspecting competitors tailing the user. Like AOE weapons, the blast radius is spherical.

Deployed Weapons

Vehicles with Deployed Weapons

Long Range

Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 8.43

Skull's Plasma Cannon

Long range weapons have unlimited range, but firing in a narrow beam or blast that requires a degree of skill and accuracy to score hits with. Long range weapons typically can be charged with additional energy from the power core to increase their lethality, at the risk of the firing vehicle being unable to defend behind them if caught while charging the weapon.

Long Range Weapons

Vehicles with Long Range Weapons

Medium Range

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 8.53

Thermo's Flamethrower

Medium range weapons fire in a wide cone pattern in front of or behind the user. They are typically sustained fire weapons, as with AOE weapons. They provide a good spread with a decent range, allowing the firing vehicle to damage one or more opponents ahead of them without having to be too close.

Medium Range Weapons

Vehicles with Medium Range Weapons

Short Range

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 8.34

Ice Charger's Combat Shotgun

Short range weapons fire in a cone pattern with a limited range in front or behind the user. They are semi-automatic weapons that require a trigger press for each shot, but also tend to do more immediate damage than the medium-ranged cousins. One downside is that short ranged weapons force the user into the range of AOE, and deployed. Some are rear facing, such as the Backfire.

Short Range Weapons

Vehicles with Short Range Weapons