Anki Overdrive Wikia

Vehicle lighting refers to the lighting systems of a supercar. All cars have three sets of lights: two hood-mounted weapon lights, a roof mounted indicator light, and two rear tail lights.


The left-most lights are the weapon lights, the top light is the indicator light, and the back light is the brake light.

Master Caution[]

When the vehicle loses its connection or goes off track, the weapon lights pulse yellow, the indicator light pulses green, and the tail lights pulse red, all simultaneously. This indication persists until the condition is remedied.

Weapon Lights[]

The weapon lights on a vehicle indicate the activity of the car's armaments. They vary in color depending upon what type of weapon is being fired.


The weapon lights rapidly flash red to green when the car is discharging an rapid fire weapon, regardless of range. For example, Nuke, when firing the Disintegrator, will have his lights rapidly flash red and green for as long as the trigger is held down. The same applies when Groundshock fires her Electropulse.

Flashing Yellow (slow)[]

The weapon lights flash yellow when a semi-auto weapon is fired. This includes weapon such as Nuke's Decimator, and Skull's Plasma Cannon.

Glowing Yellow[]

The weapon lights glow yellow and increase in brightness when a weapon is being charged. They will increase in brightness until the full power is attained, and then will stay lit until the shot is fired. This gives an indication to other drivers that a given supercar is preparing for a charged attack, such as Groundshock's Charge Beam, Thermo's Flare Blast and Radiant Beam, and the strength of the illumination indicates the shot's current power level. Also included are deployed weapons, such as Nuke's Fuel Bomb, Big Bang's Small Mine, and Skull's Depth Charge.

Steady Yellow[]

Weapon lights glow steadily yellow when tractor beams are used.

Blinking Yellow (Fast)[]

Weapon lights flash yellow quickly whenever a scrambler item is used.

Indicator Light: During Events[]

The indicator light is a single light mounted on the roof of each vehicle. It is capable of illuminating blue, red, green, purple, or white, and of steady illumination or flashing.

Pulsing Blue, Green, Red, or Purple[]

These colors are shown and held steady when the commander is using any special item (except tractor beams and scramblers) to indicate the team and/or player number of each vehicle participating in an event. Player 1 is blue, 2 is red, 3 is green, and 4 is purple. When team play is enabled, team 1 glows blue, and team 2 glows red.

Flashing Red, to Yellow, to Green[]

Flashing red then yellow, then green, indicates a charging supercar. The top light displays vehicle energy.

Alternating Blue/Green[]

The indicator light will alternately show blue and green to indicate the winner of a given event. The winning vehicle will take a victory lap while displaying the blue/green light.

Flashing White[]

A flashing white indicator light shows the current crown-holder in King of the Hill matches. If the king is disabled, the indicator on the vehicle responsible will begin flashing white, indicating the new king.

Flickering White[]

This occurs whenever a car is damaged by enemy attacks. The lights flicker extremely quickly.

Indicator Light: Outside of Events[]

Pulsing Green[]

A vehicle with a pulsing green light is available to and waiting for a commander. The indicator light will switch to the appropriate player or team color when the car is successfully selected.

Pulsing Purple[]

The vehicle is sychronizing

Steady Green[]

A steady green light is shown when a vehicle is on the charger, and is fully charged.

Flashing Green[]

The indicator light flashes green when a vehicle is on the charger and the battery is charging. It switches to steady green when charging is complete.

Steady White[]

(Overdrive Cars only) A steady white light on the supercar's indicator light represents the supercar receiving a new firmware update, which is launched whenever the user attempts to pair him/herself or an AI commander to a supercar in a new update, in order for the supercars to remain compatible for the game.

Tail Lights[]

Each vehicle is equipped with a pair of red tail lights.

Flashing Red[]

The tail lights flash red when the vehicle is disabled by an enemy attack.

Steady Red[]

The tail lights show steady red when the vehicle is being hit with a tractor beam, or when the vehicle activates a brake item.