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Weighing all the tradeoffs before starting a match is usually a good idea

Every supercar is unique and special in many ways. For example, Skull's weapons cannot be rivaled, Guardian's special items cannot be avoided, and MXT's armor can not be penetrated. However, the cars are not perfect. Each supercar makes a huge sacrifice for its strengths. For excellent firepower and speed, Thermo has low defense. This page will list tradeoffs for each supercar.

List of Tradeoffs[]

This list descsribes each supercar's strengths and weaknesses.


For her high speed and special item output, Groundshock sacrifices deployed weaponry and defense.


For his extreme and brutal firepower, Skull sacrifices his defense.


Thermo's extreme speed is caused by amor reduction to make him lighter. As a consequence, Thermo has very low defense.


Nuke's weaponry comes at a cost. He sacrifices his speed for defense and firepower. He also got rid of his special items, as he can only equip one at a time.


Guardian sacrifices weapon slots for her disorienting support items and defense.

Big Bang[]

Big Bang has very high amor, although its weight slows him down, making Big Bang the slowest car in the game.

International MXT[]

International MXT sacrifices speed for pure defense. Nicknamed the anchor.

Ice Charger[]

Like Thermo, Ice Charger sacrifices his defense for pure speed.

Nuke Phantom[]

Nuke Phantom sacrifices his speed and special items for advanced weaponry and good defense.