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Even though there has never been a case of an exploded battery, there is still a chance that it can explode if the car is baked in a microwave. Lol

These are some problems with supercars. The list is formatted as so: Problem, Cause, How to fix. We recommend that you view the page here to know more about each car part.



The List of problems is here:

  • Skidding. This is caused by dirty tires. Use the tire cleaner to increase friction.
  • Vibration. Tire alignment issue. Check tires before race.
  • Location Delay. Occurs when the sensor is dirty. Clean the sensor by blowing into it.
  • Overheat. Ventilation area is dusty. Blow into it.
  • Early Battery Death. Charge supercar fully.

Ordering Parts and repairs[]

Since Digital Dream Bought Anki, the Repair Center is OPEN!!! For $10 per car, you can send cars to the repair shop to get new Batteries, clean tires, upgraded motors, and other cool perks!!! Go here to find out how you can be updated with this information!


  • Why is my car flashing red and not charging? Reset your supercar by holding down the button for five seconds. Turn your car on, and hold the button for five seconds.
  • Why is Anki loosing connection? Many servers are down, but connection should still be working.