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A supercar is a robotic vehicle controlled by either a human or AI player. (Commander, in game parlance) Supercars are equipped with a power-core, which provides limited, but regenerating, energy to the vehicle and all of its systems, weapons, and upgrades.


The power-core is the source of the supercar's energy. It is necessary for the car to move and function, and it can be upgraded in the Garage. If the power-core's energy is depleted, the supercar becomes disabled for a few seconds while the core recharges. The power-core also recharges when it is not being damaged from attacks.


Each supercar has a specific set of weaponry available to it, and with upgrades, can equip multiple weapons at a time. Weapons types include short range, medium range, long range, area-effect, and deployable. Each type is further upgradeable to a more advanced version, and vehicle upgrades can be equipped that boost power, range, and cooldown reductions.

Weapon Classes[]

  • Area of Effect
  • Short Range
  • Medium Range
  • Long Range
  • Deployable

Special Items[]

Supercars are also able to be equipped with multiple special items (Aside from Nuke). These items include afterburners for boosts of speed, tractor beams, anchors and brakes to bring the car to an immediate halt, and various other useful items such as shields and scramblers.

Special Item Classes[]

  • Tractor Beam
  • Reverser
  • Booster
  • Scrambler
  • Shield

Upgrades []

Each supercar can also be equipped with various upgrades, but not all upgrades are available for every car. Each upgrade requires a specific number of slots, ranging from 1 to 3. Each supercar has a set number of slots, equal to the vehicle level plus 1. (So a level 10 Groundshock would have 11 slots available for upgrades). Upgrades include power, range, cooldowns, bay expansions, armor, health caps and, healing boosts. More powerful upgrades require more slots, with the best upgrades requiring 3 slots per upgrade.

Available Supercars[]


Available Drive Cars[]