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Harnessing every unique strength of each car is key to becoming a true master.

In Anki Overdrive, powerful weapons alone can not win the match for you. The real winning factor is good strategies. Without some of these strategies, you will have trouble defeating difficult commanders, and of course, you will lose to annoying friends!


In times of war, especially with dogfights in ww2, planes battled side by side and supported each other throughout the fight. In The new age of Anki Overdrive, this strategy is simply one that will help you and your teammate win the game. This strategy is good when you have a Battle Race, King of the Hill, or Battle to win. When performing this strategy you want to have two very different supercars with different strengths. For example, Guardian and Skull are a perfect match, as Guardian's disorienting special items and Skull's powerful weapons can kill three times faster than Skull alone. When you team up with someone, your partner is called a wingman.

Here are some excellent car combinations:

Here are some combinations that you should NEVER use.

Reverse Shots[]

The element of surprise works very well, even with AI! The reverser special item can serve well as it can catch opponents behind you off guard. This works well with supercars like Groundshock, because Groundshock has no deployed items. To do this, simply charge the charge beam, and wait for a straight line between you and your opponent. When There is a perfect line, Flip around and release the trigger. Then, simply watch your opponent get disabled, knowing that you outsmarted them.

Ready, Set, Brake?[]

In battle racing, weapons can be used to your advantage. So instead of just relying on speed, rely on your weapons. As soon as the race starts, get behind your opponents and plan your attack. When your attack is ready, disable them and then dash off into the distance.

Full Out[]

In any match with weapons, charge your weapon to the maximum while gaining on the enemy. When ready, shield while releasing the charged weapon while switching to a semi auto or automatic weapon for maximum damage. Then, to create extra carnage, drop back to charge again, then immediately go in for the second kill. the enemy is now exhausted, and probably disabled.


When you disable someone in King of the Hill when you have the crown, it actually harms you. When supercars get disabled, their energy recharges to full. If you already have the crown, why risk launching another attack? Also, with the supercar's energy at full, they can easily swoop in and catch you off guard.

Kamikaze Attacks[]

Excuse the war term, but Kamikaze are highly effective. When you know you are about to be disabled, try to get some last minute retaliation. It might work! When you have low energy, charge up a shot. When the person in weapon proximity range disables you, your weapon will be released and will inflict severe damage on the supercar next to you.


Find a target before firing! Why waste a fully charged shot? Remember, when your opponent is shielding, you should wait for when they are vulnerable.