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The Spike Strips are a deployed weapon equitable to International MXT. They appear to be road spikes similar to the ones used by the police in real life. Upon hitting any supercar or supertruck, they inflict severe damage and also reduce their speed for three seconds. They make an unusual sound when deployed, similar to a loud mechanical hum. Just like the real life police spikes, they can penetrate an unsuspecting supercar's tires and damage them.

Level 1[]

These are the original Spike Strips. They deal heavy damage and can be used to disable many supercars in four hits or less.

Level 2[]

This overpowered version of the original Spike Strips allows for huge damage in a larger range. They are excellent at disabling strong supercars like Big Bang or Nuke. They can disable in two hits or less. This is a weapon not to be messed with.