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The Rig Rage is a special effect that comes with X52. It will grant immunity, invinsibility, and a special superpower - it will send any car in front of it spinning out of control. The rage rips through armor and ignores the fact that shields are placed. It will cause X52 to travel at new top speeds. The duration time is affected by the upgrade level. To use it, simply charge it by driving at top speed. When ready, a button will appear saying "Activate Rage" and the computer voice will say, "Rage mode ready!"

Level 1[]

This upgrade allows the Rig Rage to be in effect for 10 seconds.

Level 2[]

This slightly upgraded version allows rage to continue for 5 more seconds, 15 seconds total.

Level 3[]

This awesome upgrade boosts time by a full 10 seconds, 2x time! 20 seconds total.