Anki Overdrive Wikia

Reflective Shield Level 1[]

The Reflective Shield is a special item that can be equipped onto MXT. Unlike other shields, it is upgradable. It not only makes you immune to other damage from supercars, but it also makes the other supercars take damage from the reflected attacks. This shield is simply overpowered, and it makes the seemingly undefeatable MXT even more of a monster. This shield makes commanders scared of attacking International MXT due to the fact of karma from the shield.

Reflective Shield Level 2[]

The upgraded Reflective Shield is so overpowered, that no one will dare approach International MXT when equipped. This beast reflects almost all of the damage from the attack back at any other vehicle, so you can move on without feeling a threat from cars like Skull and Nuke. This shield terrorizes commanders who want to attack MXT, as retaliation from this shield is always expected.

How to Use[]

Use this like any other shield, but with more caution, since it has a very long cooldown. When an enemy is charging near you and is about to attack, activate the shield to do damage back at them!