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Razorback is a short range semi auto weapon. It is similar to the Ion Punch, other than it's appearance, and the ability to be used on any supercar. This makes it more useful than the Ion Punch for the average race, as Anki may want this weapon to round out Skull's payload. It appears to be modelled in a way that suggests it being a top mounted weapon. All versions of the Razorback have been removed, unfortunately.

Razorback Level 1[]

The first model of the Razorback is a top mounted shotgun that can deal damage when the trigger is pressed. It is a semi-auto weapon. It is removed.

Razorback Level 2[]

The Razorback Level 2 can deal much more damage than the original. It is extremely powerful. This is due to its additional barrel, and can fire more payload. This weapon does have a long cooldown, so use it wisely. It is removed.

Razorback Level 3[]

This Monstrous version of the Razorback is so powerful that it only takes a few shots to disable Big Bang or International MXT. This weapon has the added range and power of both level 1 and level 2, and can fire much longer distances. It is removed.