Anki Overdrive Wikia


This is a specialized front bay item on X52. It is extremely unique, and it creates a specialized gaming effect. It can be lived up to the third generation. It is a new type of short range weapon, one that will send cars flying forwards.

Pulse Ram Level 1[]

This weapon is an instant kill weapon. It has a short range, meaning any car directly in front of X52 will become disabled. In addition, the car will rear on its hind wheels, and drive forward. On turns, it will fly directly off of the track, adding to the scariness of the weapon.

Pulse Ram Level 2[]

This upgraded version of the Pulse Ram increases the range of the blast, and adds an extra cooling pipe, which reduces the cooldown, unlike other weapons.

Pulse Ram Level 3[]

This prototype version of the Pulse Ram has a very large range, similar to medium range. It adds an extra cooling pipe, with glowing red elements.