Anki Overdrive Wikia

Psychokinetic Ray Level 1[]

The Psychokinetic Ray is Nuke Phantom's default weapon. It is a short-range, semi-auto device, that fires high velocity fuel slugs from Nuke Phantom's ghost core. Supercars that are hit with these slugs suffer heavy damage, and additionally have their armor weakened, making subsequent hits even more damaging.

Psychokinetic Ray Level 2[]

This upgraded version of the Psychokinetic Ray is extremely powerful and dangerous. Nuke Phantom's  arsenal is a whole lot more dangerous with this weapon.

Psychokinetic Ray Level 3[]

This beast is so powerful that it can take just two shots to diable Big Bang or International MXT! The use of this weapon can be useful if your strategy is to stay behind and create carnage. This version is so rare in the coin shop and is often so high priced that many do not own it.