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The Plasma Cannon is the default weapon for Skull. It fires large slugs of plasma downrange, directly ahead of skull. It is a heavy weapon capable of disabling targets in 2 to 3 hits, but is highly energy inefficient and slow to reload. It is arguably the best weapon in the game.

Plasma Cannon Level 2[]

This is the level 2 upgrade to the Plasma Cannon. The additional barrel allows the creation of even larger, more powerful plasma slugs, that do additional damage.

Plasma Cannon Level 3[]

There is a level three upgrade that does so much damage, it's not even funny. The Four barrels allow for maximum damage. Weirdly enough, at Level 3, this weapon is arguably better than The Golden Sniper, which is meant to be the main weapon of the One-Shot Mode. This weapon is generally considered to be the best in the game.