Anki Overdrive Wikia


The Minigun is International MXT's default weapon. This heavy duty automatic medium range weapon fires hot pellets of lead at anyone in range. Watch out for this beast, as it can disable quickly.

Level 1[]

The original version of the Minigun is a simple medium range automatic weapon. It is quick to kill, and takes about five seconds to fully disable a supercar. It takes about seven seconds to fully disable a supertruck. Despite it being a common weapon, it runs at a high price in the Coin Shop. It is however, worth the price, as it is extremely powerful.

Level 2[]

The upgraded version of the Minigun fires more lead at hotter temperatures that deals incredibly high damage. With the increased power and added range, the deadly upgrade is one to be avoided.

Level 3[]

Arguably the most powerful medium range weapon in the game, this monster has the power to destroy the competition. Literally. It takes just two seconds to disable a heavily armored supercar like Big Bang when fully upgraded. This beast is expensive however, although it is totally worth the price. Hmm, it seems like everything thats good is overpriced.