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Il 570xN

Maintenance and proper storage of your cars is essential, as you can't get another one, as Anki's gone bust! Treat cars well, clean the tires, and keep away from humidity and heat.


  • Service your cars and track at least once a month
    • Do this by blowing into the bottom, cleaning the tires, and wiping down the top
    • Clean your tracks with a swiffer, or, plain paper towel
    • Wipe the tips of your charging port
    • Wash the tire cleaner and NOT the tires, and get the grime off of the tire cleaner using warm water and soap.


  • Always Store in the following conditions
    • Dry and away from water and humidity
    • Out of sunlight
    • At room temperature, if possible at 50 F/ 17C
    • Away from pets
    • In a safe, large container

Additional Maintenance[]

Since Anki has gone bust, write to HazmatCat2004 about a problem. We will give you tips on how to fix it.

Go here for battery replacement: