Anki Overdrive Wikia

International MXT (Newly known as Mammoth)[]

International MXT, MXT for short, or Mammoth is a supercar found in the fast and furious expansion pack, and it is extremely useful for battle and king of the hill, as its high firepower and impenetrable defense make it the strongest supercar in the game. International MXT has extremely high defense, making this supercar dangerous not only due to its firepower, but also due to its ability to get close to you and be hard to shake off. This supercar is similar to Big Bang because of its defense. Groundshock with Skull, Ice Charger (Dyanmo) and MXT (Mammoth) are all the most popular anki overdrive cars



The minigun is a weapon that can be equipped to MXT. It is an extremely powerful medium range weapon that can tear apart the supercar in front. It can be upgraded to level 3.


The Revolver is a short range weapon that can shoot blasts of energy in front of MXT, It can not be upgraded.

Spike Strips[]

The spike strips are deployed weapons exclusive to MXT. They can do heavy damage, and can be upgraded to level 2. They are very powerful against supercars with high defense.

Cerastes Missiles[]

The Cerastes Missiles are an extremely powerful weapon that can be equipped by MXT. Like Skull's Plasma Cannon, they can be fired by simply taping the trigger. They are MXT's long range weapon, and they can be upgraded to level 2.

Special Items[]

Reflective Shield[]

The Reflective Shield is a special item that can be equipped onto MXT. Unlike other shields, it can be upgradable. When upgraded, it not only makes you immune to other damage from supercars, it makes the other supercars take damage from the deflected attacks. This shield is simply overpowered, and it makes the seemingly undefeatable MXT even more of a monster.

Grappling Hook[]

The Grappling Hook is a Tractor beam item that will hook on to the closest supercar in front and slow them down, bringing them closer for an attack with weapons like the Minigun or the Revolver


The Sirens are a Scrambler item that can be equipped onto International MXT. When used, any nearby supercar will malfuction and go haywire, making the commander completely lose control of their supercar.