Anki Overdrive Wikia

Ice Charger (Newly known as Dynamo) is a Supercar that comes with the Fast and Furious kit, along with International MXT (Newly known as Mammoth).

Groundshock with Skull, Ice Charger (Dyanmo) and MXT (Mammoth) are all the most popular anki overdrive cars


Ice Charger (Dynamo) can outrun any supercar, and it can match Thermo's top speed equally. Ice Charger has good firepower, with a good amount of damage done by its unique Combat Shotgun it is a good choice for racing. The Damocles can also prove to be effective, as its range is better than most area of effect weapons. It can also scramble others, making it a good makeshift shield item. The Ice Charger comes short in its defense, where is makes for easy pickings due to the shortage of armor/ health upgrades and a lack of a shield item.


Combat Shotgun[]

The Combat Shotgun is a powerful short range weapon that fires a short but powerful blast of ammunition forwards at the enemy. It can be upgraded to level 3, where the shotgun has an extremely long cooldown but deals massive damage.

Machine Gun[]

The Machine Gun is a medium range weapon that can be equipped to Ice Charger. It can not be upgraded.

Damocles 7-EMP[]

The Damocles 7-EMP, or Damocles for short, is a charge-release weapon exclusive to Ice Charger. This weapon is extremely powerful, as it can scramble and hack any supercar it damages, making it useful for tackling powerful supercars like MXT or Big Bang. The Damocles 7-EMP can be upgraded to Level 2.

Particle Cannon[]

The Particle Cannon is a long range weapon that can be used by Ice Charger. It can be upgraded to level 2.

Special Items[]

Grappling Hook[]

The Grappling Hook is a forward firing tractor beam item. It can be used to bring opponents into the range of weapons like the Machine Gun or the Combat Shotgun.

NOS Boost[]

The NOS Boost is a powerful boost item that can be equipped onto Ice Charger. It can be upgraded to Level 2, making it even more powerful.


The E-Brake was a Brake Item that can be equipped onto Ice Charger. This could have been used to bring opponents into weapon range. Sadly, the brake button defeated the purpose of Brake items, so it was removed from the game, along with many other brake items.