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Hacking is defined when a supercar fishtails, flickers its lights on and off, and becomes uncontrollable, meaning the commander who has been hacked is unable use weapons, control steering, and speed, or stop when being hacked. Hacking is an obvious disadvantage due to the fact that the commander has no control of speed and weaponry, making the affected supercar either lose the winning ground, or be slowed in its attempts towards victory. Supertrucks can only be hacked on the Hack Piece, and not any other way.

Causes of Hacking[]

There are three causes of hacking.


There are certain weapons that cause supercars to become Hacked. The list is as follows:

Special Items[]

Certain types of Special Items called scramblers cause hacking. The list is as follows:

Hack Pieces[]

A specialized track piece called a hack piece can cause supercars to become hacked. The track piece is a simple straight piece with an F&F marking, indicating the Hack Zone. This track piece is only included in the Fast and Furious kit. The way the Hack Piece works is when any supercar/supertruck drives over the arrow section, any supercar within the range of the Hack Piece will become hacked AND a substantial amount of energy will be lost. This version of hacking is slightly different in 2 ways; one way in which the supercars top light will flash purple, and the commanders screen will have a message saying "HACKED by commander name" NOTE: Supertrucks CAN become hacked this way. See the image bellow for the Hack piece.

Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 2.05

The Hacking message


A Typical Hack Piece


Using shields will block hack signals from any weapon. However, shields can not stop scrambler items or getting hacked by the hack piece.

Steering Clear[]

Use long range weapons to avoid close quarters hacking.