Anki Overdrive Wikia


Anki has done an amazing job for programming a revolutionizing, first of its kind robotic supercar racing game. This comes with extreme challenges, and some of those challenges included overcoming glitches. Anki Overdrive has shared a fair amount of hilarious, frustrating, and helpful glitches.

Team Glitch[]

Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 6.45

Oh Wow. All we need is 3 Groundshocks with no drivers.

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 3.57

Wait? Charge is a lady?

When you give two commands at the same time, specifically enable teams and switch player, the player will then switch to the other team, with no commander on the other team. This will result in the game freaking out. In the final pre-game stage, it will erroneously place three random supercars on the other team. This glitch was patched.

Game Crash[]

Sometimes, due to unknown reasons, the app will suddenly crash, meaning it will close randomly.

Shop Refresh Glitch[]

Free Refresh in the shop is possible simply by setting the date and time forward on your device.

Weapon Confusion Glitch[]

Sometimes, when alternating weapons, there is a glitch where it will show a picture of one weapon but its function will be swapped with another weapon on your supercar.

Commander Confusion Glitch[]

Commanders descriptions will be mistakenly switched with other descriptions. This glitch was patched.

SLAM Failure[]

You may not know what SLAM is, but you do know what it does? SLAM is the tech that keeps the cars and their relative location to other vehicles and hazards in check and relays it to the device. Sometimes it goes haywire. For instance, if you brake and another car slams (no pun intended) into you at high speed, the SLAM will "think" that you are still stopped but in reality, you are in front of another supercar. Now, if you use a forward facing weapon, damage will inflict on the car behind you, oddly. This is known as the backwards fire glitch, and is common with Crush and using her Razorback "backwards."