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Freewheel is one of the three Supertrucks in Anki Overdrive, grouped with the X52 and it's ICE variant, X52 ICE. Compared to the others, Freewheel's exterior is smoother and more streamlined than the other Supertrucks, as said in his description on the Anki website. Freewheel combines brute force and muscle to create an ultimate battle. Freewheel has an advantage when there are more supercars in front of him due to his abundance of forward facing weapons. But be careful, go too close to it's behind and you'll get sucked by the Gravity Trap!


Freewheels abundance of weapons makes him a dangerous supertruck. Be careful when you are close to him, his neutron stream can obliterate in seconds and his gravity trap can suck you to your doom.

Gravity Trap[]

This weapon is the only rear facing weapon that can be equipped to Freewheel. If you tap the trigger when a supercar is behind you, the supercar will go haywire and start tailgating behind Freewheel. The said vehicle will be unable to use any weapons for three sceonds, and can be used as a temporary shield. After a while, the supercar will spin out and become disabled. This is great because not only can it be used as a shield, it can deter rascals like Nuke from getting too close with his Decimator.

Neutron Blast[]

This is a Semi-Automatic Short Range weapon that can fire short blasts of energy that damages any supercar or supertruck that happens to be in front of Freewheel.

Neutron Stream[]

This is an Automatic Medium Range weapon exclusive to Freewheel. It is extremely powerful and should be used with caution.

Neutron Ray[]

This is a Core Charged long range weapon exclusive to Freewheel. This weapon is so powerful that Big Bang commanders have trouble defending against it.

Rig Rage[]

Freewheels Rig Rage makes him immune to any attacks from weaponry from other supercars and supertrucks. The Rig Rage lasts depending on how upgraded the weapon is.The Rig Rage for Freewheel has the ability to trap vehicles behind it and disable them in a slow, and dark death.