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The Flamethrower is the default weapon of Thermo. It is a medium range, sustained fire weapon capable of launching a cone of flame for as long as there is energy in Thermo's power core. It will damage anyone it makes contact with.

Flamethrower Level 2[]

The Flamethrower is a level 2 medium range weapon, capable of dishing out an even larger, hotter, and more powerful cone of searing flames. Anyone caught in the fire will sustain severe damage, and the heat can be kept on as long as Thermo has energy in his power core.

Flamethrower Level 3[]

The Flamethrower Level 3 burns through enemies faster than any other rapid fire weapon in the game, although it is tied with the Minigun. It is said to have such a long cooldown, that it is not a weapon to mess with.