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Damocles 7-EMP[]

The Damocles 7-EMP, or Damocles for short, is a charge-release weapon exclusive to Ice Charger. This weapon is extremely powerful, as it can scramble and hack any supercar it damages, making it useful for tackling powerful supercars like MXT or Big Bang. The Damocles 7-EMP can be upgraded to Level 2. EMP stands for electromagnetic Pulse.

Damocles 7-EMP Level 2[]

There is an upgrade to the original Damocles 7-EMP. It deals damage at a larger range. These Damocles are a great way to defend yourself against other supercars that are threats to Ice Charger.


This model of an EMP, or electromagnetic pulse, is similar to the "Pinch" used in Ocean's Eleven to annihilate Las Vegas's power.