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The Charge Beam is a weapon equippable by Groundshock. It is a long range weapon firing a tightly packed, low dispersion blast of electricity directly ahead of Groundshock. It's power can be varied by adjusting the amount of time the weapon is charged before firing. It is considered to be Groundshock's best weapon. Oddly enough, you are able to rapidly fire this weapon, like you would with the Decimator, and still do high damage at later levels.

Charge Beam Lv2[]

The Charge Beam is a level 2 long range weapon, and an upgrade to the Charge Beam. It fires an even more powerful blast of low dispersion, high density electricity directly ahead of Groundshock (in a slightly wider arc than level 1). A fully charged shot is enough to disable just about anyone in a single hit, though the energy required leaves Groundshock vulnerable to being disabled.

Charge Beam Lv3[]

There is an even more powerful version of the Charge Beam, which can do huge damage. Only use as a surprise attack, and be very careful aiming it, energy is valuable.