Anki Overdrive Wikia


The chain-gun is the most maluable weapon in skulls arsenal, being extremely easy to use, and pick up, and a surprisingly low energy cost. Unlike it’s semi automatic cousin, this weapon performs much like a machine gun, dealing damage in a singular cone. While this does dampen it’s flexibility some what, it combos well with speed inducing mods. Its time to kill for the level 1 model against a fully energized car is, 5 seconds, at most. So remember, close the distance, hold your ground, and spray and pray!

Level 1[]

The Chaingun, level 1, is a medium range weapon that can be equipped on Skull. It fires large caliber rounds extremely quickly, and because the accuracy is intentionally reduced, it has a decent spread capable of simultaneously damaging multiple targets in front of Skull.

Level 2[]

The Chaingun, level 2, takes everything about the level 1 version and doubles it. The addition of a second set of barrels allows twice the firepower, and since the accuracy stays the same, the spread does also, meaning the same area is blanketed with twice as many large caliber rounds as before. More bullets - more damage - more fun.

Level 3[]

The Chaingun, level 3, now has 4 barrels, doubling the level 2 version. All four barrels now shoot, allowing 4 times the firepower compared to the level one version. Once again, the accuracy and the spread are the same, destroying everything in its path. Good luck if you're facing this beast!