Anki Overdrive Wikia

Description []

The Boomer is a rear bay weapon that is automatically equipped onto X52 ICE. It can be powered up by using power points, earned by leveling up. It is a deployed weapon that has the potential to scramble and hack any supercar that enters the blast.

Boomer Level 1 []

This is a simple deployed weapon, similar to the scramble mine, with the potential to hack.

Boomer Level 2 []

Moving up the scale, the Boomer Level 2 brings our the essence of X52 ICE's purpose, to destroy. This version of the boomer is bigger, stronger, and badder.

Boomer Level 3 []

This weapon brings out the true power of X52 ICE's arsenal. With protection from a double hull, its insides are full of dangerous matter, waiting to decimate. It is the only level three deployed weapon in the game.