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Best Weapon Brunner

This page will argue for the best weapons in Anki Overdrive. We will tell you why they are the best, and why you should equip them.

Plasma Cannon[]

This weapon is the best weapon in the game. When in its final version, with all upgrades equipped for it, this weapon can kill a car in a split second. Its cooldown is shortened with upgrades, and its power can be increased, and it can disable in just one shot, so this weapon is one of the best. It is also long-ranged, the best weapon class in the game.


Arguably the most powerful automatic weapon in the game, the Electropulse can disable in two seconds or less. When fully upgraded, this weapon is a monster.


This is the most powerful short range weapon in the game. Nuke's aresenal is jacked up with this weapon. It can disable in two shots most of the time.

Power Stomp[]

This is the most powerful Area of Effect weapon in the game. It is also the most powerful charge release weapon in the game. It was also voted the most scrambling item in the game. When fully upgraded and on level 3, this weapon just takes two seconds to charge. When ready, release and a huge range of stomp will disable cars not even close to Big Bang.


The Minigun, exclusive to MXT, is undeniably the best medium range weapon in the game. It is also rated the most upgradable medium range weapon in the game.