Anki Overdrive Wikia

(Level 1)[]

The Backfire, or BF-27 for short, is a rear facing semiautomatic shotgun, which is short range. It can be equipped onto Big Bang. It fires powerful blasts on energy behind Big Bang, making supercars with low defense think twice about approaching Big Bang from behind. This weapon however, should be used for defense, and not offense due to the fact that it requires Big Bang to position himself in front of another supercar, which is risky.

(Level 2)[]

This rare and dangerous upgrade has wider barrels, for a bigger bang, using more energy. This ferocious weapon is dangerous to supercars that are getting up close to attack Big Bang. If you plan to attack Big Bang, you should use a long range or medium range weapon, to avoid retaliation from the BF-27. Short range attacks against Big Bang are not recommended when he has BF-27 equipped.