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Autopilot Mode[]

Top Secret Info Warning[]


This is a closely guarded secret by top commanders. This is highly useful. Not many know of autopilot mode.


Autopilot mode allows supercars or supertrucks to follow all track markings, flash lights, and drive on any tracks without connection to a device. This is also called testing mode. It is useful because you can test various performances done by supercars on a particular track, allowing for more optimizations and customizations.


The cars will travel at a decent top speed, at around 5ft/sec, regardless of what supercar. This is because it is driving with little software. It will not change lanes. Its weapon lights will flash yellow every three seconds, its top light will flash blue, its weapon lights will flash yellow, and its tail lights will blink red. You can learn what each light is here.

How to Activate[]

Ok. Ready? Here's the secret. To trigger Autopilot mode, press the on button four or five times. Quick presses are recommended. After you press it four or five times quickly, the tires will turn. Place the supercar or supertruck on the track, and watch it fly. Didn't expect this wiki to be so good? Great! Now go explore more Anki wiki!