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We will vow to remember Anki

As of May 8th, 2019, Anki has shut down and it has stopped the production and selling of Anki Vector, Cozmo, Overdrive, and Drive. Their website status is unknown, but all robots and tech will continue to function as intended. To help out, this wiki will always be here, if there are any questions regarding Anki Overdrive.

This wiki will ALWAYS be here for you. We will miss Anki. We salute Anki and we will pay tribute. This page gives a shoutout to all developers and designers who worked at Anki. It was a great run. This wiki will stay the same, as no new updates will be released.

Special Thanks:

- HazmatCat, the most dedicated editor and staff

- JvSanchez, the founder

- Kidzspeed5, a loyal contributer

- ImMrAwsome, a helpful editor

- KyKatRo, a valuable member

- And all others, including visitors and editors, for being a part of this community.

The journey was great. Alas, parting is of sweet and sorrow, and I enjoyed every part of it. As of now, this wiki will be passed on to another willing member, who promises to take care of the wiki. Please, contact me if you want to be the admin.