Anki Overdrive Wikia

Anki Drive is the prequel of the famed Anki Overdrive. It served as the foundation and tuning ground for Anki's top designers. Anki Drive was an all new racing toy that debuted in late 2013. It was revolutionary in the sense that "slot cars" and "fixed track" racing was completely thrown out of the picture, and cars were not bound to a certain "driving line." Anki Drive also allowed for the sense of a video game in real life, and mixed in fun from many different aspects of life, including car tuning, gaming, and racing, all packed into one advanced system, topped off with wonderful design.

Game Design and Aspects[]

Anki Drive comes with a starter kit, but unlike overdrive the kit, it does not contain "track pieces," but rather, contained a "mat" that cars would drive on. It would either be an oval or figure 8 piece. You can upgrade your car as you play, and have access to weapons, just like in overdrive.



Anki Drive has a total of seven cars in their lineup. Boson, Kourai, Katal, Rho, Corax, Hadion, and Spektrix.

Here is the list of cars and the kits they belong to, including a brief description of each:

  • Boson and Kourai are included in a starter pack, and have good all-around capabilities.
  • Katal and Rho are expansion cars, and come with a new track. They have an edge in agility and speed, and have good items, but fall slightly short in weaponry.
  • Corax and Hadion are expansion cars, and could not be more different. Corax is slow, and has the best weapons of any drive car. Hadion is extremely fast, but has poor defensiive armaments, and is quick to disable.
  • Spektrix, the last car, is the most mysterious and cunning of the bunch features scramblers, and an all new shiny exterior, and is the only single model shell car in drive.